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Operational Guidance Solutions

Guidance is a collection of best-practice operational procedures to deliver safe, compliant and consistent outcomes from a diversified workforce.

Guidance has never been more important but, equally has never been under more scrutiny. Public sector cases such as Baby P (Haringey), Mid-Staffs and the Grenfell fire underline the critical, and at times criminal risks, of poorly accessible guidance.

NFCC Case Study

Key benefits of ORIGINS:

  • Improved user experience leading to an increased appetite for uptake of the guidance
  • Full component content management allowing content management at the granular level (component) rather than at the document level
  • Interactive features allowing staff to keep more easily up-to-date with content updates
  • Full-auditable document traits to see full version history of any component
  • A much-improved visualisation of any data changes
  • Improved collaborators around development of policy, procedure, training and the cohesion of working practices
  • Enhanced component content management capacity by providing Administrator screens, reporting on inconsistencies / gaps and relationships within and between the data
  • Reduction in time spent discovering and consuming information to allow training/Learning time to be spent more effectively
  • Ability to implement user-profiting to deliver a user-centric service
  • Significant cost savings in print, distribution and management
  • Providing robust evidence in regulatory, compliance and legal cases

What does ORIGINS provide?

  • Content Strategy and workflow planning
  • Working with Subject Matter Experts to create user-driven content
  • Content development and editorial staff supplied
  • Guidance-as-a-Service (GaaS) cloud-based software
  • Scalable and elastic hosting architecture ensuring full redundancy at minimised cost
  • Service level agreement (SLA) backed support and maintenance

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